You have questions? We got answers.

Do you cut women’s hair?

Our barbers are trained specifically in the techniques for cutting men’s hair and we limit our practice to men’s haircuts and shaving because that is what we are trained to do best.  Of course, if a woman wants a men’s style haircut, we’re happy to oblige.

Can you cut my son’s hair?

Certainly. We cut guy’s hair – from the first haircut to the last. And we love our kid clients. One thing to keep in mind about our shop is that we were specifically created to be a fun and relaxing environment for all. We love kids, but it can be a challenge to offer a kid cut of kids who are upset or anxious about an experience they may not be familiar with. However, we will always go above and beyond to help young clients feel safe when offering a cut. Please bare in mind, while it can be disappointing to not be able to get your kid’s hair cut, we must consider the comfort of our other patrons and the safety of your child (having sharp shears next to a child who is thrashing about is just not safe).

Our barbers often throw in special touches for kids (such as free sweets ) and we always make sure they have fun in our shop! We want our kids to be clients for life!

Do you cut long hair?

Sure. Today’s longer, razored styles are no problem for us. In fact, because we’re trained specifically for cutting men’s hair, we can give you a longer cut that is still suitable for a man’s face shape. In many salons they are trained to cut women’s hair, which is typically softer and fuller. They normally cut men’s hair using the same techniques, resulting in a soft, full, and pretty look. Probably not what most men are after. We’ll give you a longer style that is cool, lean, and edgy – not pretty.

How long am I going to have to wait?

We try to staff our shop to keep wait times to a minimum, but we’re popular, so we do get busy. To minimize waiting, keep in mind we do offer appointments through our online website, and those are HIGHLY recommended.  While we try to avoid making you wait, we don’t apologize for our wait times as it tells us we are doing something right. We sometimes have longer wait times because we’re a popular place and we’re the best place in Lichfield and Bromsgrove.

When we quote wait times,

We try to be accurate, but certain factors (such as a difficult haircut or changes to a client’s ticket) may increase wait times. We also ask that you keep in mind that, our appointments don’t guarantee an exact time, they simply mean you’ll be the next person your barber sees upon your arrival.

We strive to make each haircut perfect, and we’re sure you’ll find we’re worth the wait. With just a little planning, we’ll have you in and out in no time.

Do you do military cuts?

Most definitely. Flattops, high and tights, regulation cuts, and ‘fades” are no problem for us. We’ll give you a precision cut you’ll be proud to wear. We’ll even wet shave the sides and back and also offer full head shaves.

If you have any other questions please feel free to drop us a message.